New video and swedish shows announced!

New video “The Beginning of the End” out now!

This song is indeed a very special song. It’s the last song of our new album, ending something and starting something else.
It was first recorded as a demo track back in 2008 by me and our previous guitarist Johan Öman. Then it only consisted of 2 guitar tracks.

It wasn’t until the fall of 2013 when I had an epifani to call Frida Johansson (folk musician from Umeå) and asked her to add violin since I had just presented to the band that we could use this song as the ending track of our new album. But it wasn’t until when we entered Tonteknik Studio with Pelle Henricsson in february 2014 everything finally fell into place. Frida came by the studio heavily pregnany, laid down her track and didn’t even spend more than 40 minutes in studio (such a pro), and last but not least Patrik Ylmefors recorded the apocalyptic guitar loop that ended the song.

The video was filmed way back in 1967 by my grandmothers brother Rolf. And its clear that the he was a creative and artistic person with an eye for image composition.

Special thanks to Johan Norström for editing the video.
Thanks to Mathijsen MacLennan and Spencer at Heavy Blog is Heavy for premeiring it for our US/EU crowd!
Thanks to Christoffer Jonsson and Hymn for doing the same for our Swedish crowd.


Upcoming swedish tour!
After our great success with our releaseshow at House of Metal Festival and our european tour supporting Cult of Luna, it feels logical to follow up with some great swedish shows. Below are the confirmed dates, more will follow!

28/9 Umeå @ TBA, SE
29/9 Stockholm @ Kafé 44, SE
1/10 Göteborg @ Wizard of Fuzz festival, Kompani 415, SE
22/10 Sundsvall @ Pipeline, SE


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