Subliminal Hymns

Surrender to yourself
Embrace the I
Experience the power
All is left to see
All is left to see
I am dying here
but you only just now smelled
The burned heart that I carry.
So trapped in yourself
Are you even aware
Of the world outside your head?
You have awoken, only to be fully conscious
And it has taken its toll on you
Shedding your skin, cleansing your mind.
Your past truth and self are no longer the reality
It seems almost fiction, right?
Heading out and exploring the world without blindfold,
Its à painful path, but its the only path
And now you can never go back.
The fatalistic pride’s festering into pain
Of shedding another skin
Seventh Circle
These plains I’ve passed
Along green pastures
Sheltered by cowering heights
They are of my home no more
Left along with all my troubles behind
And a reality of poor design
I steer into a trodden path
I’ve taken to the waters
The sea has no memory
But forgiveness unto self
To enter the darkness from whence I came
There’s a storm coming
No shore in sight
Beneath the merciless sun
I’ve spent my last sip
And harnessed all the savings
There’s a storm coming
And Hell follows in its wake
My vessel capsized
Waves comes rolling
And all is set loose
Beneath a raging light
Into the darkness from whence I came
I Dig Deeper
Exploring the inner dark,
Feeding on the black materia
Of the subconscious shades, this is hell
And I am hostile
Face to face with the black adrenaline
That feeds of repressed thoughts and fear
In so deep, all i see is the unseen
And I am forgotten
Shall we leave what we dont know,
And let ignorance prevail?
Or shall we face our demons and surrender to complexity
I have been to hell and back
Exposing the shades that are no longer for the subconscious
I have let the adrenaline of repression flow in my veins and I’ve stared at the unseen
I am
vinyl cover high res
The Titan Above Us
We cringed at the perils
As the beast came forth
And blew its nostrils
Left a heap of ruins
It frowned at our fall
The paradox of our awe
Fixed us with eyes ablaze
To devour us all
So we found new icons to adore
Found our own new lair
‘Cause that light wasn’t heaven
Only a muzzle flare
Waltz of Despair
For a while you had it all
Now you’re stumbling towards your fall
What do you perceive
In the sea of emotions?
Two parallel lives supposed to be one
What have we become, what have we achieved?
Could it be too late?
Years passing by without any direction
What have we achieved, what have we become?
Who is to blame?
I see things that I missed in the past
What have we done, what have we become?
I don’t like these feelings inside of me
Leave it all behind (let it be), don’t waste your time anymore
Leave it be, can’t you see it’s just another emotional suicide
Speak to me, tell me your inner thoughts
Speak to me, I will tell you my inner thoughts
Don’t blame me, blame us!
The Blank Point
All I’ve seen is mere emptiness
No glimpse of purpose is to be found
All my thoughts, my conscious
Are illusions I need to expound
What I’ve done is nothing
Even the fabrics of time has no meaning
This is a blank point of personality
In a shroud pulled over our eyes called reality
Part I : Wrath
I want to live, but this is no life
Isolation, with hell in my head and pain in my body
I am trapped in a broken shell and phoenix is burning fast
This pain I feel, I keep inside
Blackest of thoughts, I can not share
This angst I carry, my burden to the end
But time is just an illusion
Perception is our awareness
My enemy is me
But who is my saviour
Part II : Ambivalence
I want to live, but I will not be alive
My last resort, but you can not help me
Still you offer something to numb the pain
Downward spiral, falling fast
Night and day, black and grey
I have reached the bottom without climbing the top
Night and day, black and grey
Darkest of mind, thoughts unkind
Night and day, nothing more to say
Darkest of mind, no light I find
But don’t pity me, then I’ll pity you for drowning in my tragedy
I will not stay, so you can watch me fade away
Part III : Surrender
I don’t want to die, but I just don’t want to live
We will all face the dark alone, but I’ll face mine before yours
Silence, spreads like fire through the night
Leave all your things behind
Salvation, unfolded in my hands
Now let’s march to the end of time
Thin Line
Hear me
No man is an island
But I’m trying really hard
To cleanse my life
So I take a vow
A Vow of Silence
Your lies fell short this time
Your manners were so analysed
Let the waves beat the shoreline
And break upon impact
Going back into the rolling ocean
Wide, cold, deep, black
Water on raging flames
Water on burning oil
Drifted away like a raft in a flood
Separated by the sea
Long distance short notice
No lighthouse to guide me
In the search of who we are
Molten Pantheon
The year of the skulls:
Reckoning the curators, to cull the threat,
by removing surplus stock.
The year of rapture:
When aging colossus collide and torn asunder,
To fit the pantheon.
The year of changes:
Vestals brought from the skies, immaculate conceived,
to cherish a new icon.
The year of sacrifice:
Withering morals melded to build the edifice,
of the stones that bind us.
Inside the molten core:
Holy machinery in affect.
With iron sulphide,
Cultivate we will
burn what we worshipped
and worship what we burned.
Untitled I
I bury you, forever and ever – you’re going down.
On your own, no one will know, you’re going down.
Don´t look at me, you’re going down, on your own.
You’re going down.
I will survive, I will come back – just wait and see.
Its time for me to make you see who I really am.
I did survive, now and forever – now you’re going down.
I have survived, now and again, on my own.
If I die, you will too, me and you, together forever.
Die fear will
Where have you gone, and where should we go?
One thing is for certain; here, we can not stay.
Throw your burden at me.
Lay your unrest on my shoulders.
Kill your pain in my embrace.
Let your discomfort die at my feet.
Let this not be forever.
Pay attention, this is from the heart:
Don’t be the victim of your own sacrifice,
Don’t be the judge to your own penalty,
It will lead you away, far astray.
You will end up in destructive circles, for hell is in your head.
Searching for the estranged; something of indulgence.
In art made flesh, your worth is my harvest.
Keep pasting any times; something of a visionary.
Enrolling the behemoth that will set all this free.
Where we’re going we don’t need eyes to see.
An idea has transcended into life; exploring new rituals.
This is who we are: cultivators of the cause.
For hell is only a word, reality is far worse.
Untitled II
It`s just an illusion built by you, talking about your greatfulness.
Can`t you see your own lies?
Save yourself, leave the rest.
Save your pride, forget the rest.
Save your lies, ignore the rest.
Save yourself.
Stolen childhood: A generation in vain.
A few years for you, a lifetime for them.
Stolen childhood: Bastards watching.
A few years for you, a lifetime for them.
The march of snails, on the razor’s edge.
Stubborn they mow thru further restraints.
Unworthy; a mongrel; pandemic delusion.
All there is to see: The raptors head,
glowing crimson eyes; Entangled prey trembles.
The splinter in your mind tells of unwanted motions.
Shudders in the dark – drums of the deep calls.
My Enemy
My enemy ahead of me, glancing at the conscience.
Starring blind, phoenix dies.
The fear to die, waiting to live.
Empty handed, he strives towards his own demise.
What do we know of our existence, other than that it will be our own demise?
What do we know about persistence? Do we live until we die?
My enemy behind me, always looking over his shoulder,
Searching for phoenix alive.
The fear to live, waiting to die.
Empty handed he strives towards his own demise.
Untitled III
All my life I’ve been dying.
My awareness, my disease: time is just an illusion.
My enemy is ahead of me.
Who is my saviour now?
I fell deeper, got filled to the brim.
Clenched my fist to handle the last chain, but to no avail.
Seeping pores, rolling escape; vessel of myself.
Staggered through this bottom, among scattered remains.
How many deaths have in vain sought the rising flow?
Barren lands, freezing emptiness.
Fixed sensation: speech of souls.
To the outer rim of solid grounds, past these trifling murky waters.
All I see will come to tremble, before my hour of the great leap.
I come with the raging flood, its vindicating eye burns me, Turned ashen in its frenzy.
Judgment unto the eroding ooze, from the flames of the nether: I’m left faceless and overwhelmed.
This sea of desolation, ever dipped by an ore.
Eluding as my path to the nearest shore.
We all Face The Dark Alone
Part I: Lost Saviour
Why are we here, what do we live for
The saddest truth is that we dont know
Am I your saviour
Or are you mine?
Part II: Dual Core Friction
Bleeding terror
Beckons me to wallow
In catatonic despair
I’m turned to stone
Chanting eyes
Ascends me mischief
Of the bewildered
Breeding once more
What I’m capable of now
(what you done)
What twists all thoughts
(you will never know)
my flesh becomes a tomb
(were you forever will be)
that houses all opposition
The power is in the loins
Twirling in vile bodies
Our father is his seed
Excrements of the counterpart
but this power i can not keep
it was never mine to have
still twirling in my body
but not under my control
There’s no light without darkness
There’s no being without myself
Matter and spirit is what unifies
And recognize my nature
Part III: Paranoia
With my split heart comes all the memories
Hard to forget some hard to keep
Never entended to be like this
I who once made a promise
With my split head comes all the pain
hard to ignore and easy to remember
Never entended to be like this
I who once made a promise
I am shattered, I am not my self
The bastard in me wont let go
The lier in me has just awoken
And my mind has just begun
But here in my mind I am not alone
Defiled and divided
My soul can no longer be counted as one
I now constitute as two
The question now is what to do with you
We are still searching for a god without existance

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