Moloken is a “metal” band from northern Sweden and was formed in Umeå the fall of 2007 with the intention to create progressive music with the foundation in metal. Inspired by 90’s Death, Doom- and Black Metal scene along with 70’s progressive rock, they have in a short period of time managed to create a unique sound and their own musical approach.

The goal has always been to create something of their own, influenced and inspired, but never deliberately copied and thus strive to go their own way. This is reflected not only directly in their music but is also a common theme in the band. Everyone contributes with music and lyrics and then finishes the songs as a collective so everyone’s expression fits.


2007 – Brothers Kristoffer (guitar & vocals) and Nicklas Bäckström (bass & vocals) started working on a new musical project leaving their old project Slow Death behind them. During one summer day they quickly found themselves writing a behemoth of a song and the first draft was over 9 minutes long. Soon the song was even longer and the desire to record it became imminent. So they ask drum genius Jakob Burstedt who currently was playing in Nicklas other band Lithany. Jakob joined the brothers as a session drummer to record what would become this yet untitled project’s first release. A few months later, in the month of december, the trio traveled 210 km north to the small town of Piteå. During two days they recorded the mammuth song “We All Face the Dark Alone” in the Discouraged Studio. The recording which incedently became the last recording ever made in that studio.

Recording “We All Face The Dark Alone” in 2007


2008  – Jakob joins as a full time member. Kristoffer suggested the name Moloken from his solo project (spanning back to 2002). Guitarplayer Johan Öman joined Moloken and the band now a quartet, played their first 3 shows in february (supporting Gävle hardcore band Meleeh) with a setlist consisting of only three songs: We All Face The Dark Alone, Molten Pantheon and Untitled I.

Molokens debut EP “We All Face The Dark Alone” was released on CD in Scandinavia via Kristoffer’s own label Discouraged Records on August 28th and the band played an impressive 23 shows in total that year.

During the year they also managed to work hard writing new material and ended up recording two demos (Stable Session I & II). With the two demos, they felt confident to book the studio to record what would become their debut full-length album.


 Fourth show ever at Scharinska, Umeå Sweden 22 February 2008


to be continued…

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